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Metal Containers

Collapsible Metal Container Manufacturer, Retention Pallets, Collapsible Bin Supplier, Ahmedabad

Maxstor’s metal Container and steel stillages are safe & sound as well as expedient storage system for every manufacturing business. This corrugated steel box has immense capability of holding a broad range of products.

Metal Bins and stillages have sides to contain as well as resist the goods from getting damaged unlike an ordinary box. Hence they are perfect for storing massive or odd shaped objects thus facilitate convenient transportation.

We are leading metal stillages manufacturer in India. Metal containers and metal stillages are prepared from sheet steel and are toughened so they can bear intense loads. They have welded construction hence they are very robust, firm, durable and cost effective.

Mesh container and mesh stillages are ideal storing heavy objects. They provide extensive flexibility when used along with the precise handling systems. Mesh container and mesh stillages let for flexible placing and trouble-free access in the workspace.

Mesh container and mesh stillages are appropriate for utilization in all manufacturing industries for the purpose of storage of an extensive variety of products and materials. We also customize the products as per your dimensions as well as business requirements. We also provide design services for objects that need alteration or re-engineering.

Collapsible mesh container and mesh stillages are designed so as to make efficient usage of the workspace and make the most of the storage facility available. After the goods are dealt out, the collapsible unit can be condensed and closed, stacked on each other for saving space.

This cuts the transport costs and boost up the productivity & profit.

The robust, hard-wearing and firm structure lets to bear a range of stuff with diverse shape & size and when they are not in utilized, they can be buckled down and stacked up frequently, thus saving logistics costs.

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Maxstor Metal Container Features :
  • Rigid and Robust construction for durability
  • Weather resistant
  • Two and four means entry for forklift and hand truck
  • Stackable.
  • fire resistant.
  • can be recyclable.