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Perforation & Bin Trolley

Bin Trolley Manufacturer, Perforation Trolley Supplier, Perfo Bin Trolley, Ahmedabad

Maxstor is the only Perforation & Bin trolley manufacturer and supplier in India that offers quality storage system at a very reasonable price. It is perfectly apt for hand tools as well as inventories. The design of Perfo and Bin trolley is such that it offers effortless access to the tool storage.

Our Perforation trolley has perforation panel with flanges and support giving strips. They offer excellent strength and immense rigidity to the trolley. A broad variety of hooks are provided for  keeping tools such as spanner, scraper, files, drivers, cutter, Allen keys, power tools and wrenches etc.

Perforation and bin trolley particularly assists assembly process. This is because you keep the tools as well as carry them to the area where the assembly takes place. The tool hanging facility on perforation trolley is handy to a worker who has no help from another and needs one tool after another while working. No other person is needed to hold the tool, as one can hang them on the hooks and have easy access whenever required.

Perforation and bins trolley is time saving as there is no need to search the tools while working.

Maxstor Perforation & Bin Trolley Features :
  • Tough and rigid steel welded structure with pillars and cross supports.
  • Perforation panel toughened with stiffeners for immense rigidity.
  • Broad array of hooks for placing every type of hooks.
  • 100mm / 150mm diameter wheels revolving with brakes
  • Powder coating finishing colour.