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R.K. Steel Smith is an expert Modular Workbench/Workstation manufacturer. When we make modular workbench we have a solo intention of understanding & fulfilling our customer’s requirements at affordable rates.

Modular industrial workstation & workbench are absolutely custom-made. There is only one thing that is very standard - 1.5mm thick slotted C Channel. This 1.5mm thick slotted C Channel is perfect for the configuration of the workbench, racks, trolleys, frames etc.

This 1.5mm thick slotted C Channel is a must if you opt for accessories like bench top, overhead tube light & perforation panel with tool holder hooks, adjustable shelf etc. This is because 1.5mm thick slotted C Channel forms a frame structure where the accessories can be fitted in.

Our Modular Industrial Workbench has customized drawer & cabinet with partitions to arrange the tools & inventories in an organized way. Portable & mobile Modular workstation can be created by placing caster thus ideal for moving it place to place. We offer an extensive array of casters to suit diverse types of flooring.

We are renowned suppliers of Modular Workbench & workstation not only in India but also in abroad.