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R.K. Steel Smith is recognized as leader in Tool cupboard manufacturer in India.

The heavy-duty cupboard and cabinets can perfectly & proficiently store heavy objects and supplies in the drawers.

A heavy duty slider with ball bearing is used to place drawers in Drawer cupboard.The hinged door cabinets have partitions and dividers for maintaining every item in an organized way.

R.K. Steel Smith as a leader in industrial Tool cupboard manufacturer & supplier offers strong and rigid housing stability which is nothing but a welded sheet steel construction upheld with pillars, cross members as well as stiffeners.

We supply Industrial Tool Cupboard with 180° door opening. We also include features such as door is opening wanes the exterior housing thus offers best access to every stored item.

In India this product is recognized with diverse ways like Tool cupboard, Hinged Door Cabinet, Industrial Cupboard, Drawer Cupboard, Bin Cupboard, and Hinged Door Cabinet with bins & Perforation Cupboard.

    R.K. Steel Smith Tool Cupboard Features :

  • Well-built steel welded structure with pillars and cross supports
  • Three way locking arrangement with 3 keys.
  • Doors on bolt hinges or steel rod door opening with an angle of approx. 180° is offered
  • Extensive variety of product with various dimensions of shelf/drawer/perforation configurations for any necessity.
  • Drawers set on heavy duty sliders with ball bearing have load baring capacity up to 100 kg UDL.
  • Door is toughened with stiffeners for good stability.
  • User friendly collection of the interior fittings with adjustability in 75 mm steps.
  • Load carrying capacity of up to 100 kg per shelf and drawer.