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We at R.K. Steel Smith present a storage solution that is mobile, portable, and economical along with flexibility. This multi featured product is known as mobile tool trolleys. It has drawer cabinet with wheels that offer an absolute storage solution for industrial working units where tools, inventories as well as equipments have to be moved from one space to another for everyday production activity.

A priceless workspace solution is offered by this product as it satisfies multipurpose needs of every manufacturing plant with its flexibility. Make the best of your workspace with R.K. Steel Smith industrial tool trolley.

R.K. Steel Smith is high prospective tool trolley manufacturer in India and it employs excellent quality raw materials along with high manufacturing competence. We always fabricate & inimitable high quality heavy duty trolley. Our innovative talent involved in research and development has yielded the designs of these mobile cabinets. Therefore,They are tough and rigid with outstanding features along with durability.

The value of well organized tool storage systems is realized only by professional in workshops. They are aware of the fact that work efficiency as well as speed is improved if tools & inventories are kept handy with no need looking them & wasting time. Mobile tool trolley is also apt for storing and moving heavy duty material.

We are aware of the importance of tool storage in the automobile renovation and as a result we have created the automobile mobile trolley. This multi-use tool storage can be called as little spare storage cum rigid work surface. It is user-friendly and can be moved wherever you need in your shop floor. At R.K. Steel Smith we have created a tool trolley that can be utilized as a mobile workstation as it has a wooden top, vice as well as perforation panel with hooks. The Wheels offered to the mobile cabinet and tool trolley help them to be movable wherever needed. We offer polyurethane, nylon as well as rubber wheels. Wheels are offered in set of four, out of which two revolve with brakes and two are fixed and are of 100 to 150 mm in diameter.

In India tool trolleys are identified by diverse names like industrial trolley, industrial tool trolley, industrial tool storage trolley, fpo bin trolley, heavy duty trolley, automobile trolley, shop floor trolley, drawer cabinet trolley, drawer trolley, mobile drawer cabinet and mobile cabinet. We are the leading Tool trolley exporter in India.


  • Robust and rigid steel welded structure having pillars and cross supports.
  • Extensive range of designs for multiple applications
  • Centralized locking system with 3 keys.
  • Heavy-duty Drawer slides for rough operations as well as carrying heavy loads
  • Load carrying capacity for each drawer from 35 to 100 kg UDL.
  • 100mm diameter wheels with brakes
  • Divider and partition to arrange the tools and spares in organized way.
  • Powder coating finishing