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R.K. Steel Smith is the India’s chief manufacturer and supplier of workbench & workstation. We have a huge collection of workstation and workbench, all rigid and robust in quality and are ideal for every type of industry in India. Our workbenches are strong & sturdy enough to load up to 1500 kg UDL. They are also very flexible & adaptable. Our array of workstation and workbench comprises of mobile workbench, portable workbench, office workstation, drawer workbench, steel workbench, steel workstation, heavy duty workbench, industrial workbench, assembly workstation.

Our portable and mobile workbench varieties have wheels so that they can be moved wherever desired. Whereas Drawer workbench have drawers of variety of patterns and the size as well as the number of drawers are customizable. We manufacture assembly workbench or assembly table perfect for light usage as well as assembling wherever needed. Our assembly table has roller tracks for sliding the bins. We are the expert assembly workstation manufacturers in India. We also supply electrical workbench such as with ESD mat workbench and workstation which is widely used in electrical industry.

Our tables are specially designed so as to save space along with comfortable working provisions. It is because we make novel designs and employ high quality material and tough welded joints which sustains heavy duty usage.

Several companies these days for the sake of improving efficiency have enhanced and altered their production approach and technologies. To support their new working technique we have industrial work table that is all-rounder for optimizing manual workstations and work space. There are tools to hold bins which provide most favorable and resourceful working conditions for organizing very small working appliances.

We are very popular workbench in India. Since we design our workstations for production settings like high variant diversity and short product life cycles. Thus we offer a perfect solution to eliminate waste and streamline processes.

Our Industrial workstation & workbench are professionally constructed with add-on table, which can be fixed on either one side or both the sides. These workbenches have a design option to optimize assembly lines and are extensively used by different kinds of cargo, electrical industry and food packing industry, easing out transport problem.

Our extraordinary combinations of workbench tops, drawers, cladding options, vices and perforation panels can be set to generate utmost working room to keep up most recent ergonomics. The Workbench tops have good resistance against water, dirt, oil and grease and thus it is a perfect working surface. R.K. Steel Smith’s office furniture have slots for partitioning the adjustable shelf. Not just that we also provide an option of workstation height adjustment.

    R.K. Steel Smith Workbench Features :

  • Robust and sturdy steel structure.
  • Workbench with multiplex tops alternatives such as 19 mm, 32 mm and 52 mm thick, medium density fiber wood also available in 25mm and 50mm thick.
  • Workbench legs are sized from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm thick 80 x 30 mm rectangular channel with crossbars.
  • Under table drawer cabinet is 1.2 mm thick, with many options.
  • Power supply alternative of 5 AMP and 15AMP for using power tools is also there for our workbench and workstation