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R.K. Steel Smith has undertaken brown field project and turnkey project for factory setup. We recommende the economical range of office furniture with customized design which leads to user friendly process of working.

The factory shop floor layout is planned well efficiently and hence facilitates the workers to handle every day production activity very proficiently. Systemic workspace products aid in proper utilization of each & every square foot of the allocated space of the store. The plan and layout of every floor is dependent on the variety of products manufactured and material storage, the building location and the amount the business can pay for the general store design.

R.K. Steel Smith’s goal is to get rid of wasteful space and thereby lower the fixed costs. We also create logical layout e.g. a better flow of materials, additional robust manufacturing by relocation of jobs and machinery, and focusing more on value added methods. Latest layout planned improves flexibility for some future alterations in machinery, products, volume etc. The layout can be an initial point or base for additional development.

The layout facilitates adoption of Lean principles and methods which further sustain additional development at the manufacturing plant.